Swim into Summer with these Pool Games!

As the summer is approaching and the temperature is rising, kids will be in the pool all day, every day! To prevent them from being bored in the water, switch up your trips to the pool with these fun pool games!


Atomic Whirlpool
Have all the kids in your group get in the pool and line up single file along the edge of the pool with little space between each person. Have everyone walk for a couple of minutes, then jog another couple of minutes, then “run” around the edge of the pool for another couple of minutes.

The water will start to rise and “carry” them around the pool, just like a whirlpool. Then, tell them to turn around and “run” the other way. They will find it almost impossible to go against the current of the pool. Kids will have fun trying to race against the waves with this game!
Belly Flop Contest
If there is one thing that brings kids together at the pool, it’s a belly flop contest!

Gather up some contestants and have the rest of your group act as the judges. Have them judge based on creativity of the jump, how high they jump and best overall bellyflop! The judges will use the biggest round of applause to announce the winner!

Boogie Board Relay
Have your kids form two relay teams to race against each other. Starting at one end, have one player kneel on the board while another person stands on the ledge of the pool and pulls them across the length of the pool. The person that was kneeling on the boogie board and pulled across the pool first trades positions with the person who was pulling them. They will then pull that person back to the starting end of the pool.  Two more players from the team repeat the relay until all team members have finished!

This game is great to play with a large group.

Have one child designated as the “gator.” That child treads water in the DEEP END of the pool while all other children are standing on the side. The leader will then yell “gator!” and the players standing on the side of the pool have 30 seconds to jump in, swim to the other side of the pool, and get out without being tagged by the gator.

Anyone who is tagged in the first round has to join the “gator” and try to tag the swimmers in the next rounds. The game continues until there is only one person left who has not been tagged.

Water Frisbee
All you will need to play this game is a Frisbee and two laundry baskets for goals.

Split your group into two teams. One side defends and one tries to score. Once the scoring side is chosen, one person from their team throws the Frisbee from outside of the pool to a team member.  The thrower may then join their team in the pool.  Once someone catches the Frisbee they have to hold it like they are a balancing a tray, with NO grasp on the Frisbee!  It must be resting on the tips of their fingers. They also can’t swim once in possession of the Frisbee. They can only walk or pass it. The Frisbee can be thrown when passing. Once the Frisbee lands into your team’s laundry basket, you score!

Get creative! Pool games like these are fun and easy to do. Kids can also be inspired to create their own games that they can beat the summer heat with!

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