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Krav Maga – Activities for Kids

My son has taken karate for a few years but has been bored with it.  He mentioned that he wished he could learn self-defense to deal with real life scenarios.  I had seen an ad recently for something called Krav Maga (hebrew for “contact combat”).  This is a non-competitive, multi-skill self-defense system developed in Europe that uses striking, wrestling and grappling techniques. I met

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Get Your Game Face On!

Sometimes after a long day at school, kids just need some time to let loose and have some fun. The Nintendo Wii system is a great gaming system that has many options that can keep kids active and having fun. Nintendo has recently partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) with a joined goal of helping Americans become more active. The Wii systems and

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Follow the Stars Afterschool!

We all know the huge influence that television and music stars have on our children. For kids, they look up to stars their own age. Those kids that appear on the TV screen and in music videos are often trendsetters and leaders. Children often follow in the footsteps and beliefs of these stars they idolize. The Afterschool Alliance, known as the national voice of

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