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Basic Auto Maintenance for Kids

Though my son is still a few years away from driving himself, I thought it would be good to start some basic car maintenance (http://www.nationwide.com/rss/car-maintenance-tips.jsp) now, especially since he’s interested. It’s knowledge that will be ingrained in him by the time he’s ready to get on the road if we perform those tasks together now. This will certainly make all of us less nervous

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Manual Labor After School

When most of my peers and I were young kids, it was a common thing to see kids performing manual labor for their family and community. Nowadays, kids do very little but play video games and watch tv or take part in after school activities- all centering around their enjoyment. A casual poll amongst our friends shows that at home, parents do all the

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Death and Dying

Our children have been fortunate up to now to never have experienced the death of a close family member or human friend. When our elderly family dog passed away, our son was devastated, but seemed to grasp about our dog’s frail body giving out. Recently, a puppy we fostered for the shelter became sick and passed. This wasn’t as easy to explain. Death and

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