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Fandex Field Guides

One of my favorite tools for learning with my kids is our Fandex Field Guides. These guides aren’t in the typical book format; rather, each “page” is in the shape of a bookmark with a colorful image at the top. Below the image are interesting facts and other information about the topic. All of the pages are fastened together at the bottom so they

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Easy Paper Mache: Paint it!

By this point, the paper mache sculpture should have taken shape! If there are some rough edges where the paper wasn’t firmly pressed down, you can smooth them out with a piece of sandpaper. Even better, show your child how to do it. Just have him rub it over the sculpture until he’s satisfied with the texture. Supplies Now it’s time to paint! Here’s what

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Easy Paper Mache: Mache It!

The term “ paper mache ” refers to using paper and a mixture of glue and water to form something that hardens as it dries. For this project, you don’t need any glue – just flour and water will do! It’s is a great project for children who are tactile learners, love textures, or love getting messy! What You’ll Need Newspaper Flour Water Large

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Easy Paper Mache: Forming the Sculpture

It’s messy, it’s fun, it’s paper mache! Here’s an easy way to make paper mache projects that even younger children can do with a little help. You can even make your own paper mache sculpture! Paper Mache Process The whole process takes a while, mostly because of drying time in between putting on the layers of paper mache.  The first step, though, is forming

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Illustrated Poem

  This project is easy to do and yields beautiful results. Your child might even give his or her illustrated poem as a gift to a grandparent or friend. Here’s what you’ll need: Favorite Poem printed on heavy paper, such as cardstock. Plain white paper to draw on (computer paper is fine) Pencil and Eraser Black drawing pen Soft pastels – These are the

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We went on a tour at the local humane society and it was an eye opening experience for my son. He knew how shelters work but seeing it first hand is another thing. What stuck with him was how many of the animals had no beds to sleep on. Some had a towel on the cement floor. Many had nothing, so their days are

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