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The Look Book

When my oldest was small, we discovered a book at our library that became a favorite: The Look Book by Tana Hoban. What made this book so fun was the way we were able to use it as a guide for making out own “look book”. The Look Book consists of a number of photos of objects or animals a child would know. Preceding

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Painting Like Georgia O’Keeffe

A good way to introduce your child to the works of a great artist is by giving him a hands-on activity he’ll remember. For this project, your child will create a painting in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. What you’ll need: Pencil Eraser Watercolor Paper (you can find this at art and craft stores or even Wal-Mart) Watercolor Paints (found at the same stores)

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Paper Marbling with Shaving Cream

Here’s a fun art project that’s a good one to do outside as it can get a little messy: paper marbling! It involves shaving cream, tempra paints, and a lot of fun!  This is what you’ll need to get started: A can or two of shaving cream Wide, shallow pan, such as a 9” x 13” baking pan (can use a disposable pan) Food

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Posters for Kids Bedroom Walls

My son’s interests change quickly but he is passionate about each and every one.  For example, a year ago he really liked Beyblades so there posters of Beyblades everywhere in his room. It gets expensive to buy these posters, even if he is using his allowance. They cost $15 and up, yet rip easily.   A great way to spend an afternoon together is

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I often wonder what goes on in my child’s head. I always look for opportunities to glimpse his ideas and thoughts.  Recently, we started an ongoing project that really helps me see how he sees himself. My son’s self-portrait is a reflection of what he looks like and how he interprets himself and the world around him.  If I want to get to know

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End of the Year Memory Book

Our family plays a dinner game at the end of each year in which we each try to quickly and succinctly list the top ten things we remember from the year. It can be an event, a dream, a disappointment, a lesson, an outing…just anything that we want to never forget. This year it was my son’s idea to add to this tradition by

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