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We went to a friends house whose every surface had mosaics on it. It was colorful and unexpected. My son was very interested because he had never seen anything like it before. If you are not aware, a mosaic is a picture created with lots of small tiles.  However, it can be made with any type of material. In this friend’s house, shells, metal,

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Homemade Halloween

We went costume shopping last week.  There was lots to choose from but it was all very expensive and not very original. This week we decided to concentrate on creating his costume. He wants to be a zombie. His only specification is that it not look homemade. I guess I have to say goodbye to the past Halloweens when he happily allowed me to

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Do It Yourself Crafts!

Kids of all ages love to participate in arts and crafts. It is oftentimes an easy and fun way for them to express their creativity. For homeschool parents and organizers of after school programs, crafts can serve as a helpful and easy project to partake in. There are many projects that you can make with items found around your household. Here is a list

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