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Death and Dying

Our children have been fortunate up to now to never have experienced the death of a close family member or human friend. When our elderly family dog passed away, our son was devastated, but seemed to grasp about our dog’s frail body giving out. Recently, a puppy we fostered for the shelter became sick and passed. This wasn’t as easy to explain. Death and

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Independent Play

This past week, I noticed how my husband really plays with our kids.  He actually participates.  With him, play time is scheduled- part of the after school routine. He is absolutely right to ensure playtime happens; we both do.  I realized he models play to our kids so that they can play independently when they are with me, the less playful parent. I have

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Ways to Maintain Creativity

Everyone, including children, needs to have creative outlets in order to achieve happiness and balance. Creativity does not need to be taught, but it does need nurturing.  It needs to brew in the right conditions to prosper and grow to its full potential. This is especially true for children after hours spent learning in school.   There are many simple ways that can inspire

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Food Allergies Can Affect Mood

We have been lucky in our lives not to encounter any serious food sensitivities in our children. I do know of many friends and family who deal with this- in some cases, it’s been very serious. Though my friends stories are all different, one thing always remains constant. They almost all say food sensitivities affect the mood and personality of their children. They only

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