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Practicing Self-Discipline with The Box

Re-gain Some Self-discipline This summer, all of my kids have been working. The older two have summer jobs; the younger two help me set up and clean up for my art classes, and I pay them each time for their efforts. Everyone has been really busy, so we’ve become quite lax in regards to cleaning the house. It was clear everyone needed to re-gain some

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Making Chores Fun!

Over the years, we’ve tried all sorts of ways to get our children to do their chores. We’ve used chore charts with stickers, lists with stars, marbles and even quarters in a jar. And while these are good methods for getting into the habit of doing daily chores, I’ve found there are times we have to turn to more desperate measures. When company is

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Manual Labor After School

When most of my peers and I were young kids, it was a common thing to see kids performing manual labor for their family and community. Nowadays, kids do very little but play video games and watch tv or take part in after school activities- all centering around their enjoyment. A casual poll amongst our friends shows that at home, parents do all the

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