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Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids Sometimes during the school year, life gets so hectic that our meals are often quick and easy. And although I get the food ready faster, it’s usually not as tasty or nutritious as it could be. The (hopefully) slower days of summer are a good time to get back to preparing healthy meals. It’s also a great time to start cooking with kids! Not only

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Easy Cookie Recipe

Whenever we have an event to attend and we need to bring something sweet along, we always go for this oh-so-easy cookie recipe. It’s simple to put together, and after you’ve made them a few times with your child, he’ll be able to do it all by himself! What You’ll Need 2 eggs 1/2 cup of oil 1 box of cake mix (any kind)

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Microwave Experiment

My son recently started making his own afterschool snacks. I noticed he was becoming quite fond of the microwave in our kitchen,to the point that he began using it exclusively. I explained to him that though the microwave can be helpful in a cinch, it should be used with  caution because it does affect our food’s nutritional value. He didn’t believe me just because

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Healthy Afterschoolers

After a full day of learning, my son is ravenous. Choosing healthy snack foods to have available for him is imperative. Healthy snacks can improve a person’s health by adding fiber and nutrients to the diet. For a child, a healthy snack can provide a much needed energy boost, for after school activities including homework. Top 20 healthy snack foods to have on hand

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Healthier Halloween

When I was a kid, trick or treating was done on the one night only. I remember my brother and I fretting over the weather if it was cloudy.   Would Halloween be cancelled of it rained?  Nowadays, there are 101 events leading up to Halloween night, both outside of and in school.  Each event brings with it a barrage of cavity and belly ache

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