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Fun that is “Bigger than a Breadbasket.”

Do you want the opportunity to amaze your family and friends?  If the answer is yes, then log on to www.20q.net and prepare to be flabbergasted! This is an online version of the classic game that older generations can remember playing on the long car trips to their grandparents’ house.  The difference is that instead of a person asking the questions, now a super-smart

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Learning From a New Braingle

Since it is now back to school season, many teachers and parents are looking for some new and fun material that they can use with their students to keep them learning and having fun as they start off another year. Fun short games and brain teasers are a great way to get kids in the right mind set to start learning. Braingle is a

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What Will You Do on Pinky Dinky Doo?

When kids get onto the computer, there can be a limit to the appropriate sites they come across or are allowed to play on. There are sites for games, podcasts, arts and crafts and more. What if you could find all these items in one place? Pinky Dinky Doo is the perfect place for your kids to hang out after school. This colorful and

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Follow the Stars Afterschool!

We all know the huge influence that television and music stars have on our children. For kids, they look up to stars their own age. Those kids that appear on the TV screen and in music videos are often trendsetters and leaders. Children often follow in the footsteps and beliefs of these stars they idolize. The Afterschool Alliance, known as the national voice of

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