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Grandparents Book

We love our grandmas! I’m so glad my children have gotten the chance to know both grandmothers so well. By the time my oldest was only six months old, my father passed away; my husband’s father was already gone before we had even started dating. Still, I want my children to know the kind of men their grandfathers were — men who wanted to

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Handprint Crafts

Children grow so fast, and having a record of their handprints is a fun and memorable way to record special times and holidays during those early years. Handprint crafts also make great gifts for grandparents and neighbors. Here are two of our favorites: Handprint Wreath Whether you have one child or a houseful, you can make beautiful handprint wreaths for any occasion. Supplies posterboard

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Family and Consumer Science

Family and consumer science, or home economics, is the study of nutrition, cooking, parenting, interior decoration, textiles, gardening, and other practical aspects of home management. These skills have long been attributed as a requirement to the feminine gender only and have in the last twenty years or so completely fallen off the map. I realized this when I realized our local schools do not

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Reconnect With Your Family

This month has been horribly hectic!  It feels as though I have not stopped to breathe much less connect with my family. Yesterday, as I drove home from the last errand, I caught sight of my son in the rearview mirror, looking a little lost, and a bot forlorn. I realized in the chaos of the day, week, month, I had neglected to make

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