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I’m always wary of exposing my son to the hyper competitive afterschool sports available.  From parents yelling at their kids, children learning bad sports behavior etc, it can be a volatile environment at best. I have been lucky to find a great sport that seems to bring out the best in coaches, kids and parents- tennis! There are a lot of benefits that playing

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Watching Sports

My son cheered and whooped along with every other adult as the football game played on the television.  Like many children, he enjoys watching sports with family.  Its one of his favorite past times. I believe as well that it’s a benefit to him. Indeed, children can learn various positive lessons from sport, such as: -rules and fair play -respect for others -cooperation -personal

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Exercising Afterschool

School provides about 30 minutes of free play time for children daily. I know that my 10 year old needs at least double that to be happy and to sleep well.  If he is able to get more than that the benefits increase significantly. By being active and exercising daily, my son develops stronger muscles and bones and is less likely to become overweight.

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A New Class For a New Change – Physical Education Course

With obesity on the rise in many states, Roger Rodriguez, physical education and health coordinator for the San Antonio Independent School District, decided to do something about it. After viewing results of Fitnessgrams, yearly assessments of weight and fitness required by Texas students in grades 3 through 12 he knew something had to be done. Jen Ohlson, of Interactive asked Rodriguez if she could

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Push it to the Limit!

Sometimes it takes a journey to reach a goal. In this case, it really does. Joel Kirsch is a former sports psychologist for the San Francisco Giants and president of the American Sports Institute, a nonprofit educational organization that applies the principles and practices of sport culture and wellness to other kinds of challenges. Together with the Institute, they are creating the Arete School

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Get Your Game Face On!

Sometimes after a long day at school, kids just need some time to let loose and have some fun. The Nintendo Wii system is a great gaming system that has many options that can keep kids active and having fun. Nintendo has recently partnered with the American Heart Association (AHA) with a joined goal of helping Americans become more active. The Wii systems and

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