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Independent Play

This past week, I noticed how my husband really plays with our kids.  He actually participates.  With him, play time is scheduled- part of the after school routine. He is absolutely right to ensure playtime happens; we both do.  I realized he models play to our kids so that they can play independently when they are with me, the less playful parent. I have

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Free After-school Classes

Now that kids are back in school and mostly settled into their routines,enriching and fun after-school programs are a priority to find for most families. Let’s face it. Since after-school activities take place in the afternoons of school days, they can really help working parents with childcare until they are done with work. Even though this is our primary motivation for having our kids

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Every year my son gets involved in building a fort indoors. Since he’s always built them with blankets, chairs, sheets, clothespins, folding chairs, boxes, cushions etc, it’s always been a safe activity he could enjoy without us hovering. This year, he announced he wanted to build his fort outdoors, with actual wood and nails. Our first instinct was to be worried, but then we

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