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The Flat Stanley Project

Do you remember the book by Jeff Brown called Flat Stanley? It was a childhood staple when I was little, but for the past 15 years or so, the story has taken on a whole new role. Flat Stanley is not only a picture book, but it can also be a creative and fun way for learning geography, math, writing, science, cultures – the list

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Fandex Field Guides

One of my favorite tools for learning with my kids is our Fandex Field Guides. These guides aren’t in the typical book format; rather, each “page” is in the shape of a bookmark with a colorful image at the top. Below the image are interesting facts and other information about the topic. All of the pages are fastened together at the bottom so they

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Ticket to Ride

One of my family’s favorite board games is Ticket to Ride. We were first introduced to the game by my niece’s husband. He’ll spend a long time strategizing on each turn, and he almost always wins. If any of us can just beat him, we feel we’ve won the game! The box says it’s for ages eight and up, though my eight-year-old got a

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Postcard Collection

With a postcard collection, your kids can get connected with friends and family around the globe and learn geography as they do! Here’s how you do it: Make a list of friends and family members who live in a different city than your own. They may live a county away, a few states away, or on the other side of the ocean. Next, gather

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