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Exploring Our City

Exploring Our City We live out in the country near a small town, but there is a fairly large city just thirty minutes away. I have to admit, however, that I don’t go downtown very often, even though it’s all been renovated. Part of the reason is because I get a little anxious trying to find a parking space on the city streets, but

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Make a Historical Scrapbook

My fourth grader loved learning about ancient history this year. For one of his projects, we decided to create a historical scrapbook. This is his “travel book” – showing his “adventures” through Ancient Egypt. Your child’s travel book would include his favorite destinations, too. Choose a Scrapbook To start, purchase a scrapbook or three ring binder with page protectors. I liked using a scrapbook

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Fandex Field Guides

One of my favorite tools for learning with my kids is our Fandex Field Guides. These guides aren’t in the typical book format; rather, each “page” is in the shape of a bookmark with a colorful image at the top. Below the image are interesting facts and other information about the topic. All of the pages are fastened together at the bottom so they

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Christmas Traditions Around the World

If your family celebrates Christmas, your children are probably counting down the days. At our house, my son put up three different calendars in three different rooms. He wants to be sure we don’t miss it! During the holiday, we follow a lot of Christmas traditions as well as some of our own. But there are many other interesting and meaningful Christmas traditions out

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Old Photos Tell the Story

When they came up with the term visual learner, they could have molded it from my son. He has to see it to believe it, know it, and understand it. All our learning has to be punctuated by something visual before we can go into the doing. Encyclopedias, the internet and old history books, all with their plethora of photos, illustrations, graphs etc, help

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Learning in Mysterious Ways

Creating a scenario or fictional setting can be a great way for children to express their creativity and imagination. Tools that take students into another world and let them be whoever they want to be allow for their minds to grow and expand. The Mystery of the Poison Dart Frog is a site that comes from the North Carolina Museum of Art. In this

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