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Craft for Boys

I don’t know what it is about the word crafting but my son runs away when asked to join me. However, no more!  I have stumbled onto enticing crafts for boys. These craft ideas are engaging and take more than five minutes, making them a good afterschool activity that he really enjoyed! Marshmallow Shooter   Gather up some balloons, plastic cups, mini marshmallows and

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I often wonder what goes on in my child’s head. I always look for opportunities to glimpse his ideas and thoughts.  Recently, we started an ongoing project that really helps me see how he sees himself. My son’s self-portrait is a reflection of what he looks like and how he interprets himself and the world around him.  If I want to get to know

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Recyclables Orchestra

At a year old, my son would spend hours banging on anything he could get his hands on. A natural percussionist, his beats were rhythmic; strong. Nine years later, he is still doing it. I used to think it was mindless tapping or drumming, but it is a stress reliever of sorts for him.  When my son is upset about something, he can usually

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Being Productive

As a parent, sometimes I feel negligent of my child because I don’t enroll him in at least one activity after school. Most of my son’s friends spend every afternoon at one or two activities. Even as they are actively engaged, I have heard these children utter the words that make parents cringe: I’m bored! As parents, we are obsessed with having children that

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Swim into Summer with these Pool Games!

As the summer is approaching and the temperature is rising, kids will be in the pool all day, every day! To prevent them from being bored in the water, switch up your trips to the pool with these fun pool games! Atomic Whirlpool Have all the kids in your group get in the pool and line up single file along the edge of the pool

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Ideas on Uniting Kids After the Bell

After school programs, parents and mentors are always looking for new ways to entertain their children in fun and educational ways. There are tons of informative websites out there that can help you plan a great day for your kids, every day! On Family Education, you can find so much information on afterschool activities. You will discover some great programs, information on sports teams

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