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The Flat Stanley Project

Do you remember the book by Jeff Brown called Flat Stanley? It was a childhood staple when I was little, but for the past 15 years or so, the story has taken on a whole new role. Flat Stanley is not only a picture book, but it can also be a creative and fun way for learning geography, math, writing, science, cultures – the list

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Make a Historical Scrapbook

My fourth grader loved learning about ancient history this year. For one of his projects, we decided to create a historical scrapbook. This is his “travel book” – showing his “adventures” through Ancient Egypt. Your child’s travel book would include his favorite destinations, too. Choose a Scrapbook To start, purchase a scrapbook or three ring binder with page protectors. I liked using a scrapbook

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Flower Experiment

During the summer, we have a beautiful wildflower that grows along the side of our road. It’s called Queen Anne’s lace, and each “bloom” is actually made up of many tiny flowers. Queen Anne’s lace is usually white – that is, until we get a hold of it! Here’s a fun flower experiment you can do with Queen Anne’s lace to show how plants

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Cursing and Kids

As my son enters the tween stage, he has begun to model his peers more. This has added new pages in his vocabulary, including some colorful language. Since not every parent agrees about what constitutes offensive language, chances are kids are going to come home uttering unacceptable language. To combat this effectively and without a lot of drama, I find setting boundaries for him

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Learning through Osmosis

Who says learning needs to stop after kids exit the school building? Most parents enroll their children in afterschool activities geared to direct and guided learning of some sort. How about setting things up so that children  learn without realizing they are learning? “Learning through osmosis” is an analogy for natural, organic and  indirect way of learning. To learn through osmosis means to learn

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Life Saving Techniques for Kids

A recent scare in our household highlighted for me how important it is for children to know some basic life saving techniques. My son noticed before I did that his little sister was showing signs of distress and told me right away that she needed help. His quick observation and analysis of the situation saved precious seconds when it counted. Emergencies happen and it’s

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