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Helping Kids Learn About Money

When I was small, my parents worked hard to try to save on expenses. My mom sewed a lot of our clothes, we ate almost every meal at home, and went on a vacation every couple of years. But when I got my first job while I was in high school, I didn’t have those more frugal tendencies. Instead, I spent almost all of

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Summer Jobs

If your child wants to make some cash this summer, do not discourage them.  Kids as young as 13 year olds can make money by putting in some effort in finding a quality job. Prepare your child by providing the following life-long advice: -Always apply in person before noon. If he or she applies in the morning, it shows motivation -He should dress like

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Money Lessons for Students

FoolProof Teacher is a website with tools for educators and students that teaches students about money and personal finances. The founder of the website, Will deHoo, lectures schools on tips for students on how to become money savvy. The lectures have proved to be a success for students according to a story recently published in San Francisco Chronicle where it describes how Mr. deHoo

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