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Making Multiplication Fun

I remember a contest our school had when I was in the fourth grade. The challenge was to see which person in each grade could write out the multiplication tables by a certain date, beginning with the ones and going through the twelves. Looking back, I can see I was pretty competitive even then. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. And I

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3 Simple Card Games to Practice Math Skills

Kids love card games for their challenging and competitive nature. Practicing math skills using card games is great for students in school or after school because it is fun, engaging, and educational. These math games will have your students begging to practice math at home. A Note on Facecards When playing the card games, you have several options for how to deal with face

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Busted! The Home-made Multiplication Facts Game Kids Love

Busted! is an exciting, fast paced, and inexpensive game you can make that your kids will love to play. It works best for 2-5 people to practice addition or multiplication facts. Materials: Coffee Can or Small Basket A Box of Craft Sticks How to Make Busted! Write a multiplication fact problem on each craft stick. For example, on the first craft stick, write 1

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