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A Wall Mural For the Birds

Create a Bird Wall Mural Want to get your child more connected with nature? Create a bird wall mural that you can add to all year long! We made a mural like this one spring, and it was so much fun. But you can make it any time of the year and keep it up as long as you like! Your “mural” can be

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Fandex Field Guides

One of my favorite tools for learning with my kids is our Fandex Field Guides. These guides aren’t in the typical book format; rather, each “page” is in the shape of a bookmark with a colorful image at the top. Below the image are interesting facts and other information about the topic. All of the pages are fastened together at the bottom so they

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Illustrated Poem

  This project is easy to do and yields beautiful results. Your child might even give his or her illustrated poem as a gift to a grandparent or friend. Here’s what you’ll need: Favorite Poem printed on heavy paper, such as cardstock. Plain white paper to draw on (computer paper is fine) Pencil and Eraser Black drawing pen Soft pastels – These are the

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The Story of Ferdinand

One of our favorite books (and probably one of yours too) is The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf, illustrated by Robert Lawson. In the story, a little bull in Spain loves to sit under a tree and smell the flowers while all the other young bulls fight and butt each other.  When they all are grown, the other bulls dream of fighting in

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Puddles, Science, and Math

The past month or so, we have had a lot of rain. It even rained every day all day for two whole weeks. Looking around town, one can tell – the ground is softer, the rivers are higher, and some of the roads have crumbled. We’re thankful for any piece of blue sky we see. But my kids are also thankful for the puddles.

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Flower Experiment

During the summer, we have a beautiful wildflower that grows along the side of our road. It’s called Queen Anne’s lace, and each “bloom” is actually made up of many tiny flowers. Queen Anne’s lace is usually white – that is, until we get a hold of it! Here’s a fun flower experiment you can do with Queen Anne’s lace to show how plants

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