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There is still plenty of time this summer for our kids to learn and participate in social and environmental activism. By helping, changing a life, making a difference, kids can learn how good it feels to get involved in a meaningful way and give back. Activism is not just for adults. Children of all ages can bring about vast change in the lives of

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Krav Maga – Activities for Kids

My son has taken karate for a few years but has been bored with it.  He mentioned that he wished he could learn self-defense to deal with real life scenarios.  I had seen an ad recently for something called Krav Maga (hebrew for “contact combat”).  This is a non-competitive, multi-skill self-defense system developed in Europe that uses striking, wrestling and grappling techniques. I met

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Money Lessons for Students

FoolProof Teacher is a website with tools for educators and students that teaches students about money and personal finances. The founder of the website, Will deHoo, lectures schools on tips for students on how to become money savvy. The lectures have proved to be a success for students according to a story recently published in San Francisco Chronicle where it describes how Mr. deHoo

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Get Your Afterschool Program into Shape!

When kids are home from school, sometimes all they want to do is eat junk food and lounge around in front of the television. The folks over at CANFIT who are firm believers in improving the health of today’s youth, have come up with a great resource for anyone in charge of children in afterschool programs. The 99 Ways Toolkit is free to download.

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Get Started – Afterschool Training Toolkit

When people start a new project or program, sometimes they feel a little lost. It is comforting when you know there is a place where you can find all the resources you need to help you get started. The SEDL National Center for Quality Afterschool is an organization that helps state education agencies and local practitioners develop high-quality, balanced programs that provide a safe

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Follow the Stars Afterschool!

We all know the huge influence that television and music stars have on our children. For kids, they look up to stars their own age. Those kids that appear on the TV screen and in music videos are often trendsetters and leaders. Children often follow in the footsteps and beliefs of these stars they idolize. The Afterschool Alliance, known as the national voice of

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