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Make a Rocket

After being cooped up in a classroom for hours, expected to be quiet for a lot of that time, kids need a release. If your child is anything like mine, he will really like things that explode, burn or otherwise self-destruct in some awesome and spectacular way. A great way to help kids find that release is to provide an outdoor outlet that calls

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Writing Workshops for Kids

If your child loves to write, tell stories or report on events, a writing workshop is a wonderful way for him to spend time after school. A writing workshop can help a young author emerge and provide focus, inspiration and challenge your child to aspire to publishing their writing. If your child want to tell a story, help them by providing access to expert

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Recyclables Orchestra

At a year old, my son would spend hours banging on anything he could get his hands on. A natural percussionist, his beats were rhythmic; strong. Nine years later, he is still doing it. I used to think it was mindless tapping or drumming, but it is a stress reliever of sorts for him.  When my son is upset about something, he can usually

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Do It Yourself Crafts!

Kids of all ages love to participate in arts and crafts. It is oftentimes an easy and fun way for them to express their creativity. For homeschool parents and organizers of after school programs, crafts can serve as a helpful and easy project to partake in. There are many projects that you can make with items found around your household. Here is a list

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