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Recyclables Orchestra

At a year old, my son would spend hours banging on anything he could get his hands on. A natural percussionist, his beats were rhythmic; strong. Nine years later, he is still doing it. I used to think it was mindless tapping or drumming, but it is a stress reliever of sorts for him.  When my son is upset about something, he can usually

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Being Productive

As a parent, sometimes I feel negligent of my child because I don’t enroll him in at least one activity after school. Most of my son’s friends spend every afternoon at one or two activities. Even as they are actively engaged, I have heard these children utter the words that make parents cringe: I’m bored! As parents, we are obsessed with having children that

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Namaste! – Yoga Practices for Back to School

In the summer months, it is easy for kids (and adults!) to get into a more relaxed state of mind. Catching up on extra sleep is one of the best parts of summer, but before you know it, it’s back to the routine! Since changes in sleeping and daily routines take a couple of weeks to get readjusted to, there are some things you

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No More Junk? – Junk Food Ban in Schools

Doughnuts, chocolate bars and potato chips. These indulgences should be just that, indulgences. Unfortunately, for the more than 30 million children who eat school lunches and breakfasts, these are the types of foods that our kids are eating. These are also the types of foods that on a daily basis are interfering with their performance. Research has shown that placing a ban on junk

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