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Etiquette Guide for Kids

For kids to be successful adults, social skills are as imperative as academic skills. If you start early, polite and caring behavior will become second nature to children.   We all want our kids grow into thoughtful, generous, considerate and respectful people. The key to enabling this is to make learning manners an everyday fun activity.   A great way to learn manners is

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Learning through Osmosis

Who says learning needs to stop after kids exit the school building? Most parents enroll their children in afterschool activities geared to direct and guided learning of some sort. How about setting things up so that children  learn without realizing they are learning? “Learning through osmosis” is an analogy for natural, organic and  indirect way of learning. To learn through osmosis means to learn

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Survival Training

For his birthday, my husband received a Disaster Survival book. He put it on a shelf and forgot about. I have seen my son reading it more than once, with avid interest.  When I asked him if he liked it, he responded, sagely, I think this  is the kind of information everyone should know. It makes sense as parents that we make sure to

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Life Saving Techniques for Kids

A recent scare in our household highlighted for me how important it is for children to know some basic life saving techniques. My son noticed before I did that his little sister was showing signs of distress and told me right away that she needed help. His quick observation and analysis of the situation saved precious seconds when it counted. Emergencies happen and it’s

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A Kid to Learn About – Chess Kid

Learning can be fun and educational at the same time. So can games. Chess is a challenging but fun game that more and more kids are picking up every day. With the rise of its popularity, sites are emerging that help kids with the game Chess Kid is a site that teaches kids how to play the game of chess. They can also practice

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