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Social Networks for Kids

Most of my family and friends have a social network account.  I have one as well, so it was no surprise when my son asked to get an account too. I didn’t object because it seems for the most part, these social network sites are good social training for life.  I find that it can teach empathy and to develop a sense of self,

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Babies Online Footprint

A recent poll conducted in ten countries, show that by the time a baby is two months old, they already have an online footprint. This is due to parents posting their sonogram pictures, newborn pictures, etc online to share with their family and friends. Many people create websites for their unborn children to share their experience or to keep loved ones informed of the

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Togetherville – Social Media for Kids

Although students using the Internet are getting younger and younger, not all sites are age appropriate for this audience. While popular social media sites like Facebook require users to be at least 13 years old, there are some alternatives for those younger web surfers. Togetherville is a site that makes social media safe for kids to share information online. A great safety feature is

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