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Make a Mailbox

Children love getting mail, even if there’s no stamp on it! With this simple but fun craft, children can make their own mailbox to hang outside their bedroom door. Supplies Here’s what you’ll need: Shoe box Scissors Acrylic Craft Paint (This comes in small bottles and can be found at Wal-Mart or arts and crafts stores for about $1.00 each) Paint brushes Container for

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A Great Group Game – Telephone Pictionary

Telephone Pictionary is one of our favorite group games, whether it’s a rainy afternoon, a small party, or a family reunion. The more people playing, the more fun it is! And all it requires is a little bit of writing and a few stick figures. Supplies Here’s what you’ll need: Small sheets of paper (about ¼ sheet of copy paper) Pencils or pens (one

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It’s in the Bag!

This is a fun activity that can be played with children of all ages. It not only introduces children to the sense of touch, but also helps them think descriptively, which is helpful when writing. Here’s what you’ll need: *Brown paper lunch bags *A variety of small objects from around the house or outside. Some possibilities are: Toiletries – a comb, a hairbrush, a

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Nature Journal

There is no learning environment better than nature itself. One of the most wonderful memories I have is walking in my grandmother’s garden. For further enjoyment and learning after school, kids can keep a nature journal. A nature journal provides a way for children to learn to draw what they see and to capture details they may not have noticed at first, developing sharp

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Blogging For Kids

Recently my son was reading something online.  He was riveted! I usually find him watching YouTube  videos or playing  video games, so I was surprised to see him reading instead.  When I asked him what it was that was holding his interest and he said a friend’s blog. Blogs are pages within a website where people write about their lives or any topic really.

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Pen Pals – Building Relationships

When I was in the 6th grade, I wrote my pen pal a letter a month for years.  It is, to this day, one of my most cherished memories.  Though we lost touch when we entered our teen years, I feel that corresponding with my pen pal overseas was a wonderful learning experience for me. My only option back then was to write a

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