I’m always wary of exposing my son to the hyper competitive afterschool sports available.  From parents yelling at their kids, children learning bad sports behavior etc, it can be a volatile environment at best.

I have been lucky to find a great sport that seems to bring out the best in coaches, kids and parents- tennis! There are a lot of benefits that playing tennis provides for kids. Here are some:


-Playing tennis requires mental acuity and tactical thinking skills which significantly help in brain development.


-Tennis helps develop stronger limbs and joints, ensuring kids grow up to have a strong body with high endurance levels.


-Tennis lesson improves flexibility, body coordination, eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor control and speed.


Most importantly, tennis can teach kids about:


-proper work ethics

-to be able to manage mistakes and failure -to accept responsibility -to manage adversity -handle effectively manage and overcome stress -to learn effective problem solve problems -to learn good sportsmanship -learn teamwork firsthand -to develop social skills


Tennis is a sport that can also bring families together. It’s a sport that can be played by two or four. Kids will find plenty of opportunities to develop social and interpersonal skills.


Another great positive is that this sport brings on sweat and a natural high, which can help a shy kid feel more outgoing or a frustrated child release stress.


Look for programs run by certified tennis instructors who are skilled and experienced in teaching young children for the best results. Learn more about what tennis lessons offer.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By laughingboyottawa

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