The Less Material Holiday

As the holidays approach in what feels like record time, it gets harder and harder to place the focus on the spirit of the holiday as opposed to all the seemingly unavoidable commercialism surrounding us.

The Less Material Holiday

After countless conversations and quips of how it’s not the gifts that are important but the spirit of giving, we still find other ways to help our kids learn the fun of giving, and how rewarding it can be.

Three ways to this are:

-Face commercials and other marketing head on The marketing out there for kids ensures unrealistic expectations.  It can only set them up for disappointment. Limiting marketing exposure is a good idea too but impossible to completely block out. It’s better to discuss it with kids.

Focus on how ads are geared specifically to falsely make people think that products will make them happier. Do not preach but ask kids what they think about what they hear and see.

-Everyone Gives of Themselves

Volunteer, join community service projects, or focus on a family project to model the message that giving time of your own is more rewarding.

-Gifts that Mean Something


Show your kids that presents can be made to show how much you care.  You don’t have to be super talented- something as simple as a photo album can be very touching to the recipient. You can also show a gift can be a donation to a cause that’s important to the recipient.

Emphasizing the true meaning of the holidays ensures children’s understand in a very basic and clear sense that its a time to connect.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By courosa

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