Tightrope Walking

We have some adventurous neighbors.  They introduced the neighborhood kids to tightrope walking.  The kids were entranced.

Tightrope Walking

Tightrope walking is a great muscle burning activity that helps develop great balance and movement skills for all ages.

Our neighbors used a thin length of rope, about a 1/2 an inch thick. They stretched the rope out on the grassy ground.

Each child took turns walking the tightrope in the make believe circus. They said in order to do it right, it was important to walk heel-to-toe along the tightrope. They had to raise their arms straight out to the sides for balance.

If at any point the child steps with either foot on either side of the tightrope, it means he or she have fallen off the tightrope.

They made it more difficult by making everyone walk forward, the sideways, backwards and even to crawl with hands and knees aligned on the tightrope.

After everyone had done at least one circuit, our neighbors decided to make it more difficult. They used other lengths of rope and in one instance, ribbon to create an intricate tightrope obstacle course. They connected the tightropes to safe spots-  sort of like bases in a baseball field. They used small towels, T-shirts for these- just be creative.

The children had to use a different walking technique for each length. The challenge is to walk the entire obstacle course without falling off.

This hilarious activity kept them busy for hours.  The more kids the better and even the adults took a gander. Everyone’s  agility, speed, balance and coordination was tested and challenged.

If you have older kids who would like to try tightrope walking off the ground, build a slack rope 12 inches off the ground.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By quinn.anya

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