Touch Rugby

Looking for a sport that gets the kids moving and doesn’t condone violence or put them in the hospital?  Try touch Rugby!

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby is one of the most popular non-contact sports for children of all ages. Although the adult version of the game is intense, touch Rugby is a lot of fun and informal.  It’s also a very good way for kids to stay fit and active with little risk of injury.

The sport requires very little equipment: a ball and a few jumpers for corner flags. The basic rules are simple to remember and follow.  Non-contact means no scrums, rucks, mauls, line outs and kicks. Tackles are replaced by a touch below the waist. The rugby ball, which looks a lot like a football, must be thrown to your team mate sideways. The players run in parallel forms to create a chain of catchers and throwers.  They must play together as a team to win.  Anyone may score.  An open field to play, at least six people on each side and you have a match.

With roots in Australia, this popular game is practiced in many parts of the world. It’s growing in popularity every day. In England, it is played by more than 15,000 adults across the country.

Touch Rugby is fast paced, exciting and strategic. it promotes fundamental skills every child should posses as its all relatable to life. It teaches them to run, evade, team play, and the basic principles of attack and defense. It’s a great alternative to football after school.

Watch these videos of touch Rugby for a visual.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By kelsey e.

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