Train Your Brain with Fit Brains!

In the summer months, students usually have a lot more free time than they do during the school year. Exercise is a great activity that they can do to pass the time and build a healthy lifestyle. Not only can they exercise their bodies, but now they can exercise their brains, too!

Fit Brains is a website full of free games that are dedicated specifically to strengthen five areas of cognitive brain function. There are many games that are appropriate for older people, but there are also plenty that are perfect for students in any grade level above third grade. The games are designed by Dr Nussbaum, a clinical neuropsychologist and national leader in Brain Health. With plenty of options to choose from, there will sure be something to keep your students going!

Parents or teachers can use this site during the summer to allow their students to keep up with their learning skills. By simply spending just 8 minutes a day with these activities, there have been results that have shown to improve memory and concentration and build better problem solving skills, ultimately leading to a healthier and more successful life.

In addition to the games on the site, you can read about information on your brain and its health and the research behind the site. There is also a blog where you can get ideas and read up about other activities directly related to brain function.

So when your kids are physically too tired from exercising their bodies, try switching it up by having them exercise their brains!

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