Unusual Games For Kids

My son and his friends play lots of board games and I have  looking around for some fun and economical physically active games to add to to their afternoons.  Here are three fun alternatives to to the common fare:

-In London, they  hold an  annual  Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship.  Try these three official RPS gambits for strategic advantage:

1)The Avalanche – Rock, Rock, Rock (beginner option)

2)The Bureaucrat – Paper, Paper, Paper (boring, but gets the job done)

3)Fistful o Dollars – Rock, Paper, Paper (this one won the 1967 Championship)

-Temper Tantrum – This  one is a big energy burner.  You need at least two people. Attach a pedometer to each of your ankles with rubber bands. Set each  to zero, then lay on your back.  You have one minute to kick both your legs up and down fast  like you are having a tantrum without touching the ground with your feet.  Once the minute is up it’s time to check the  pedometers and tally the scores. The most kicks win.

-Leg Wrestling- To play this one you must be strong and stealthy.  Two players lie flat on their backs side by side,  pointing in different directions so the feet of one player are next to the head of the other.  Only hips should be touching. They each raise their adjacent leg straight at the same time, hooking ankles.  The objective is to pull the opponent over.  No other part of  the body should be used for leverage.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By wizardhat

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