A Wall Mural For the Birds

Wall Mural

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Create a Bird Wall Mural

Want to get your child more connected with nature? Create a bird wall mural that you can add to all year long!

We made a mural like this one spring, and it was so much fun. But you can make it any time of the year and keep it up as long as you like!

Your “mural” can be as big or as small as you have space for. Our mural filled an empty wall, so it was pretty big. We weren’t making a permanent mural, however, so I just used large sheets of colored paper for the background. Colored poster board would also work well.

How We Created a Bird Wall Mural

First, we tacked up a large sheet of blue paper to make a “sky.”  We also added some cut-out fluffy clouds and glued them to the sky.

Next, we used green paper for the ground. I cut the top edge of the green in a jagged way to look like grass. We attached the ground to the wall underneath the sky.

We also formed a tree, using brown paper for the trunk and green for the leaves. The tree was glued onto the background as well.

Next came the fun part! We started looking for birds. We had some bird feeders and a birdbath set up, so finding them wasn’t hard. We watched to see which kinds we could spot. Then, I found coloring pages that represented the birds. When we saw a certain species, the children colored it in, cut it out, and stuck it on the mural.


If your children are older, you can have them draw the birds themselves. They can also research some information about each species they see.

Coloring Pages

It was so neat seeing the mural fill up with the kids’ artwork! If you’re looking for coloring pages of birds, here are some sites to try:

What birds will you add to your mural?

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