Watching Sports

My son cheered and whooped along with every other adult as the football game played on the television.  Like many children, he enjoys watching sports with family.  Its one of his favorite past times. I believe as well that it’s a benefit to him.

Indeed, children can learn various positive lessons from sport, such as:

-rules and fair play

-respect for others


-personal sacrifice




Then add the fact that often, kids are watching with their family, spending precious quality time sharing something.  It doesn’t matter what sport- it could be football, baseball, hockey or less popular sports like volleyball. It does not make a difference. Spending quality time together helps kids.

In fact, parents can really enhance the child’s experience by using commercial breaks to discuss the game or get up and practice playing on a smaller scale the game that’s on the screen. As the game progresses, parents can also take time to point out specific  things going on in the game, like good sportsmanship and teamwork, and other not so desirable stuff like sore losers and unfair tactics.

Media is often one of the best way to introduce a child to sports. A lot of times, families cannot afford to take part or get lessons for every sport. Unfortunately, there is not enough time or money.

At first, children may not understand the rules of the sport parents introduce them to but they can soak up how the game is played. Parents can also gain understanding of which sports their child responds most to so that they can then try them in real life.

For easy to explain sports rules, click here.

Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By Robert Couse-Baker

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