Ways to Incorporate Common Core at Home (part 3)

While researching online and finding apps to help support your child’s education are definitely worth while, there are some simple changes that you can make at home to support learning development while aligning with Common Core standards.

Ways to Incorporate Common Core at Home (part 3)

First, you should provide a print-rich environment at home.  Children should be exposed to reading not only novels, but also informational texts, newspapers, and magazines.  Providing time at home away from distractions for reading is imperative.  Parents should also model good reading habits.

You should also encourage your child to write at home.  Keeping a journal or a diary is a good way for a child to start writing at home.  Encourage them to write about their day, what they learned in school, and what they want to learn more about in the future.  If your child is struggling, you can always provide them with a starter topic.  Reading their journal can provide you insight on their likes and dislikes and ways you can support reading, writing, and math at home. Click to find some tips for journal writing at home.

Encouraging children to learn math at home is much easier than it seems.  When cooking, you can teach your child about measurements with cups and teaspoons.  While at the grocery store,  you can discuss prices and quantities.  When at a restaurant, you can teach your child how to calculate a tip.  While purchasing an item at the store, discuss money and change. Click to find additional activities you can do at home to support math learning.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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