Ways to Maintain Creativity

Everyone, including children, needs to have creative outlets in order to achieve happiness and balance. Creativity does not need to be taught, but it does need nurturing.  It needs to brew in the right conditions to prosper and grow to its full potential. This is especially true for children after hours spent learning in school.


There are many simple ways that can inspire and enable children to be creative and remain creative.


Encourage children to embrace their uniqueness and follow their own path.


Allow children to spend time alone to hear their own thoughts and originate their own ideas.


One of the most important things for children to learn is to let go of perfectionism. Explain to them that most times, imperfection can be so much more interesting.


Another must for helping creativity flourish is having a routine in place. A routine can create a healthy environment where growing, learning, and new experiences are encouraged-all fodder for the creative spirit.


This is further enhanced if you and your child incorporate creative rituals which help the creative juices to flow. Examples of creative rituals include writing and drawing in a journal daily, listening to new music, read a page of the dictionary every day, make lists, singing in the shower, tell stories and doing something active every day, such as juggling.


Creativity is not just for artistic people. Creativity can help your child come up with solutions to problems, cope with differing opinions and be a good leader.


For more ideas to nurture creativity check out this link (www.pbs.org/wholechild/parents/play.html)


Article By Nuria Almeida

Photo By christynelson.net

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