What Will You Do on Pinky Dinky Doo?

When kids get onto the computer, there can be a limit to the appropriate sites they come across or are allowed to play on. There are sites for games, podcasts, arts and crafts and more.

What if you could find all these items in one place? Pinky Dinky Doo is the perfect place for your kids to hang out after school. This colorful and vivid site offers games, videos, printables and story podcasts for kids!

The games have educational value, for example, students get to submit their own words to complete a story. They also get the chance to play games involving decision making and logical reasoning skills. Colorful and fun videos are short and sweet and are sure to keep your children entertained. Dozens of crafts and coloring pages are available for those students who are more on the artistic side.

What’s best about this site is the section on podcasts. Here, you can download or play different stories straight from your computer. Students can also submit their original podcasts to be played on the site. With easy directions on how to do so, students will be inspired and motivated to get creative. These podcasts are made available for free and you can download them at any time! Lesson plans and ideas also make this a great tool to use in the classroom, as well.

By combining television, print, and interactive media, Pinky Dinky Doo aims to promote reading and imaginative storytelling. With fun stories, games, and songs that support critical literacy skills, they can celebrate the power of story telling and creativity of children!

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