Writing About a Personal Experience

Write About a Personal Experience

Every once in a while when we’re cleaning things out, I’ll come across a box with some of my children’s old journals. We laugh and giggle as we read them together – and reminisce. Even if your child doesn’t keep a journal, it’s still fun to remember and write about a personal experience that had an impact on him. It’s especially fun if you shared the experience and wrote about it too.


To start, have him think of a time when he felt some sort of strong emotion, such as a time when he was nervous and worried, or happy and excited. Maybe he had to play during a music recital, or perhaps your family was taking a trip to Disney World. Maybe he broke a bone and had to go to the emergency room. Maybe you surprised him with a birthday party.

Now, have him think about the events that occurred. Often it’s helpful to jot them down as a list so he can go back and fill in if he forgets something. If your child is struggling with writing, have him dictate it to you.

Write It Down

Show him how to put it all together as a paragraph. Encourage him to describe things as best he can. As he does, you can work on your paragraph. Write about the same event, but from your point of view. He might be surprised to find out that while he was nervous waiting for his turn in the recital, you were nervous waiting in audience. Or while he couldn’t wait to get on an airplane to go to Disney, you were just hoping the family wouldn’t miss the flight.

Share and Compare!

Here’s the fun part! Have him read his paragraph out loud. Then read yours and compare.  You could even put them together in a report folder, illustrate them, and share them with the rest of the family. Most likely, they’ll have even more to add.

What types of personal experiences does your child like to write about?

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